Strategy is more than a mere formulation of goals. Strategy demands a consistent and continual focus on the intent and the vision of your core task on the one hand and on the change in the world on the other hand.
It’s about the willingness to take risks and the level-headedness when it comes to the bare essentials, since nothing is truly predictable.
All the more important is to clarify, which values are relevant for you and your purpose:

  • What is required and where is a timely adjustment to new circumstances needed?
  • Which strengths and weaknesses should you work on?
  • Which transformation topics arise?
  • And how can you make use of transformation work, to give effectiveness to your strategic goals?

When these topics are examined sufficiently, requirement, structuring and action goals can transition into a transparent and agile destination matrix.
This way clever, prospective and versatile action plans emerge from integral strategy work.

In Leadership Coaching you are provided with a dialogue and practice room, to precisely examine all the facets of the challenges that you are facing within you or from the outside.
The essential strategic adaptation regarding your business model, a true establishment of relationships with your target group, a consistent expansion of competence, the constant attention to innovation work, and much more, require on one hand that you work on your personal attitudes and points of view, on the other hand an open and sophisticated mind towards the realities on the outside.