Self-empowerment  occurs first of all in the head and expresses itself through language. Very simple! On the other hand it is a constant challenge! How proactively do you really speak? How often do you use passive phrasing? How often are you at risk of adopting victim demeanour?

Empowering intends to enable oneself and others, to give ones best and to be able to achieve the best. This requires an adequate environment and the knowledge of the things one is really capable of. And this is way more, than we assume. Empowering and Self-Empowering is conscious practice to achieve thinking and doing that is open minded and relevant to present times – the willingness to make one’s contribution independently and to take advantage of all the opportunities therefor, whether for oneself, as a managerial responsibility or within the team.

It becomes especially obvious very quickly, when it comes to collaboration, where a narrow ridge lies between common approach and being geared to each other on the one side and constructive self-initiative on the other. It requires courage, a willingness to take risks and empathy combined with a distinct inner leadership with a focus on the joint task.

Right from the beginning Self Empowering and Empowering in management are two of the essential factors of competence and we consequently work and reflect on them.