Every human being is unique. Therefore every human being has unique talents and potential for expertise. With the help of sophisticated typological systems (e.g. Enneagram, GPOP and PentaFRAME) we offer you a way to become aware of your talents, capabilities and your suitable field of action. It can also be helpful to highlight your unconscious limits, so you can focus with greater attention on what you think is possible, achievable and improvable. The outcome is a higher self esteem, inner aplomb and strength for your personal journey within the collective cooperation.

To become aware of typological patterns of each individual can be a huge enrichment for teams for the communication and the commitment within the interaction of responsibilities. The goal is to establish Flow-Teams or Power-Teams that provide more energy, creativity and power to act than conventional teams.

For organizations typological analyses offer an indicator of their skills and attainments to the participants in the big picture. What are the organizational strengths – what the weaknesses? Where are alternative strategies needed? When an organization allows for people to be placed in suitable positions according to their skills and to create fitting contexts, value creation processes will be effective and more constructive.